Team Coaching

In team coaching the ‘here-and-now’ is always leading. By exposing how a team interacts and gets itself stuck, awareness is created. This helps the team understand how it can start to work together more effectively.


By first bringing out individuals' unique knowledge and then bringing it together, the group's collective wisdom can grow considerably.


If there is room, possibilities and opportunities for everyone in the team or group to contribute from their full potential, a creative energy emerges that can tackle seemingly unsolvable challenges.

Bernice gave me tools and helped me see how to handle certain situations better. Breath out from the stomach; puts those negative thoughts away straight away.    _Frisia

The most important themes within team coaching are: 

  • Creating joint ownership with every member for the optimal functioning of the team. 

  • Optimising communication and interaction within the team.

  • Creating joint team goals. 

  • Creating a safe space so underlying beliefs, emotions and motives can be discussed safely.


Because I use a combination of group dynamic and systemic working methods in my sessions, it is possible to reveal the daily patterns of the team quickly. After which I make sure the team is given practical tools to put the achieved results into practice. The end game is always making the system (e.g. the team or the organisation) as a whole more effective and stronger.

Examples of questions from organisations I work with are:

  • How can we work together more effectively?

  • How can we ensure we, as a team, are better equipped to deal with change?

  • How do we constructively deal with differences within the team?

  • How do we improve cohesion within the team?

  • How do we increase self-management within our teams?

  • Help us deal with resistance and conflicts relating to diversity and inclusion.

What are we going to do?

  • After an introductory meeting with the manager of the team or group I will make a proposal.

  • After approval, intake interviews with the manager and the team (all members together) will be scheduled.

  • Depending on the type of team coaching, also interviews with team members separately

  • Based on the interviews I will create a tailor-made program to fit the learning objectives of the team.

  • Then the process starts.

  • Because I always work with the ‘here-and-now’ the program can be modified at anytime during the process but always in consultation with the team.


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