Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion means celebrating differences and at the same time making sure there is also belonging. Each person brings a different perspective and different qualities to the table. Multiple studies have shown a diverse composition in the workplace leads to better results. In short: innovation = diversity x interaction. And inclusion is a requirement for effective interaction.

Establishing an inclusive organisation provides many benefits: employee satisfaction, motivation, less absenteeism, increased productivity, a better connection with an increasingly diverse target group, easier talent acquisition and retention, more creativity and opportunities to learn from and with each other.

The resilience and safe space Bernice brings into the sessions helped me get closer to my inner-Beyonce!    _Soraya

The best and most effective way to achieve results does not come from conformity and lack of individual say. It’s important that all diverse perspectives and unique qualities are considered when determining 'the best results' and 'the most effective way to achieve them'. Often this is not the case as most companies do not provide a safe space for curiosity and exploration into how things can be done differently.


That is what inclusion is all about. It starts with equity. Without judgment highlighting differences to find similarities among them. This process creates recognition, interaction and connection


Examples of challenges I assist organisations with are:

  • Creating a safe company culture with room for diverse perspectives.

  • Developing Inclusive (Personal) Leadership for both management and individuals.

  • Dealing with different styles of communication.

  • Creating favourable conditions for cultural and behavioural change processes. 

  • Help create strategy plans: We are a diverse organisation. But what uniqueness can we derive from this?

  • Bottom-up co-creation of Diversity and Inclusion policies.

  • Learning how to deal with conflict and improve cohesion within the organisation.


What are we going to do?

  • For the content of this program I would like to refer to my Multiply the Pie website. On this page you will find all the information about how to integrate inclusive diversity within your organization.