JustB collaborates with the following Partners:

For more than 10 years a reliable partner in Diversity & Inclusion –analysis, advice, implementation. Diversity is what connects us, not what separates us, is our view.


As an organization you achieve better results with a diverse group of employees. Nowadays, many organizations are aware that they should  reflect society: men / women, old / young, different cultural backgrounds, personalities and thinking styles. 


Everyone has their unique view on every topic. In a team with employees from different backgrounds, new and creative ideas develop.


The Diversity Company advises and supports organizations that understand that greater diversity ensures better results, i.e on Improvement of the employer brand; Higher employee satisfaction; Improved operating result; Growth in market share.


The Amsterdam Transition Institute wants to contribute to important transitions such as the energy transition, sustainability and affordable and good healthcare. The institute creates impact with training, consultancy, publications and events. ATI was founded by Esther de Haan who has over 30 years of experience as a transition, organization and team coach. 


Her passion is to guide people in collective learning processes, in a way that enables them to realize their own mission as well as that of their organization. Within this proces it is important to teach partners systems thinking: what is the substantive coherence between parts of the issue, how to deal with their differences, so that they can work together on integrated solutions and how to co-create innovations. 


She wrote management books on the process side of learning organizations: Cookbook for teams, Organizational development with Theory U, Transitions of sectors. She is a co-author of Organization Coaching in Practice. Since 2008, Esther de Haan has provided courses for professionals who want to become skilled in team or transition coaching or in Theory U.

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Bianca Maasdamme has been able to make a career out of her own drives. My inner drives made me who I am today, personally and professionally. Working on inclusion, diversity and leadership motivates me every day to do better.  Always working towards a mutual goal, looking for common interests and results for organizations.


As a business-coach I empower individuals to be better professionals or regain new confidence for a next step in their career. My work consists of organizational advice, communication advice, coaching, policy advice and training. I have wide experience in complex change processes in which both the process (attention to the culture and people in the organization) and the result (sustainable change) are important. 


I have a master in Public Administration, combined with a broad scope of knowledge about change management, coaching and training. Together we achieve that people can be proud of themselves and their organization. Love my work!

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Curiosophy is the practice of curiosity in life and work. The Curiosophy Collective offers services to arrive at new perspectives on fundamental questions of a personal, organizational and social nature. With curiosity at its core. The collective guides leaders, professionals and organizations based on the principles of critical thinking, smart sensitivity and dialogue.

We develop your critical thinking and take you along in the art of asking questions to facilitate self-discovery in order to arrive at inspired decisions. We have many years of experience in making sensitivity constructive in order to achieve mutual understanding and sustainable choices. Working with the undercurrent and creative interventions are part of our approach.


The principles of dialogue are deeply rooted in our way of living and working. We are specialists in finding a joint new perspective, which starts with the greatest possible diversity of perspectives.


The Curiosophy Collective and Just B work together on fundamental issues for individuals and teams. Our approach to each question is to start from diversity of perspectives in equal dialogue. That is what connects us.