1-ON-1 Coaching

During a personal coaching program, we will work together to find answers to questions I classify as follows:  'Who am I', 'What are my qualities', 'What is my place' and 'What do I want'.


Not being able to answer these questions, or being able to just partially answer them, is the reason we face challenges in life. I will help you get clear answers to these questions, so you are empowered to live your life to the max.

The feedback I get from my coachees is that they were able to access their full potential and put it into practice. As a result, they are more confident in life. Their world, and therefore the world, has become a bit more beautiful.

In a few sessions Bernice has put me on the right track. Thanks to her I have more confidence, I have a better understanding what I want to do regarding my career, I have had multiple successful job interviews and will soon start my new job!    _Yu Mei

The categories do not stand on their own. The combination of who you are and what you want says something about your purpose: why you want to do what you want to do. 


Who you are, combined with what you are capable of, says something about your potential and the qualities that go with it. 


What you are capable of in combination with your place, says something about your power: to what extent can you achieve what you want and are able to manifest your qualities. 


Your place in combination with what you want says something about the possibilities and opportunities you can create for yourself. 


When these four elements come into their own, they create the core from which you can be your unique self. JustB You!!

In order to cater to you and your personal goals, I use different methods that fit within the Constellations, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, NLP and RET methodologies.


Examples of challenges coachees contact me about are:

  • How do I get more out of myself and my life?

  • I have no idea what I want, but I do want something different with my life.

  • I seek more fulfilment in my life.

  • I find it difficult to feel comfortable with myself around others.

  • I don't do justice to myself in my current job, how can I change that?

  • Specifically, with coachees with a bi-cultural or migratory background, questions revolving around the theme of (cultural) identity, belonging and inclusion.


What are we going to do?
  • First, we schedule an introductory meeting so we can get to know each other and determine if there is a mutual click.

  • I can tell you more about myself and my work methods, and you can tell me about the goals you want to achieve.

  • If we decide to start a program together, an intake will follow in which we determine and record the learning objectives. 

  • I work in 1.5-hour sessions. This enables us to get tangible results in every session.  

  • With a new coachee I like to start with a set of five sessions that we will schedule together.

  • After five sessions we will discuss if more is needed. Of course the decision is yours.

  • If the learning objectives have been achieved and you can implement the acquired results the program is finished. 

  • If you would like an occasional 'update', I'm always available for an appointment or a telephone call.