Through JustB I offer three types of programs: 

Individual coaching (BE YOU). In 1-on-1 coaching sessions I help you find, establish and further develop your uniqueness. 

Team coaching (BE SMART). I coach teams in inclusive collaboration. This results in more awareness, increased effectiveness and greater capacity to innovate within the team.

Diversity and Inclusion (BELONG). I assist organisations in creating policies and cultures where different perspectives can be discussed in a safe environment, where diverse qualities are appreciated and actively explored. 


I work on Belonging through my program Multiply the Pie. This is a program for organizations that want to become more diverse and inclusive. The program results in an inclusive culture in which diversity can flourish. This leads to more space in the workplace for unique perspectives, to safety to disagree and to room to learn from failure. As a result, employee engagement increases and collaboration improves. More room is created for creativity, innovation and sustainable growth.


In 1-on-1 coaching sessions I will help you put yourself, your intuition, your body and your qualities in better alignment.


I will help you find, and unleash, your unique qualities. You will find the place where you can be your unique self, discover what really gives you energy and what you want to manifest in this world.


I work with different methods, tailored to your needs including: Constellations, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, NLP and RET.




JustB helps you, your team or organisation to perform most effectively by searching for unique qualities and connecting them to intended objectives. As a result, everyone can excel in what they have the most talent for.


With team coaching I help teams or groups deal with issues like effective collaboration, inclusive work environment, inclusive leadership and cultural & behavioural change.


Team members will improve their skills in: non-violent communication, giving & receiving feedback, dealing with resistance, taking ownership and result-oriented working. 

As a result everyone can wholeheartedly participate in the team, co-create visions and goals where people feel personally and jointly responsible for achieving targets and manage interactions within the team.


Concerning Diversity and Inclusion challenges, I help organisations build an inclusive organisational 

structure, an inclusive culture and help implement inclusive leadership.


Being able to disagree and consequently come to new realisations is what is neededThis Diversity of thought in our rapidly changing world is paramount for organisations to quickly adapt to external change.


Logical follow-up questions are: ‘Where do we start?’, 'How are we going to put this into practice?' or ‘How are we going to involve our employees?’

Through (team) coaching, dialogue sessions and workshops I help answer these questions. Existing Diversity & Inclusion policies are improved upon or written from scratch in co-creation with employees. This allows for the creation of policies which are easily implemented as they are co-developed and therefore widely supported.